[Regarding the Yin & Nidra class] “I’m tapped into my feminine energy when I’m at Akasha’s place on Monday…It helps me heal because what I found out from Akasha is that we hold a lot of our trauma in our ligaments and so breathing helps us heal…and gets us in a safe space.”

[Regarding intuitive session] “She tapped into and got to talking about all my old trauma and all of my childhood and she went all the way back to the six year old. I had never thought about the six year old. There’s where all my trauma started…She told me you need to tell that little boy it’s going to be okay or have your brother sit with him…I walked out of there light as a feather.”


[Regarding the workshop series “Reclaiming Your Power”] “So SO good! A transformative experience from an enlightened teacher.”


“This workshop [The Wild Edge of Sorrow Grief Series] has been so wonderful! I really don’t think I’ve experienced much like it before. I loved the structure of it by following along with the book, having it weekly so you have time to process things, having it as many weeks as it was to form small bonds with people and feel more comfortable grieving and sharing with them, and, most of all, [Akasha Kirti] holding space for us to share our thoughts and feelings.”


[Regarding intuitive sessions] “Akasha is a strong, humble, and intuitive teacher who is tapped into realms unseen. She was able to sense and guide me to answers I didn’t realize I had. Her guidance helped me see my own potential and curate a practice specific to my growth. I highly recommend at least one (or more!) sessions with Akasha to find clarity and inspiration.”