Intuitive Sessions

I love providing one-on-one intuitive sessions. The overarching goal of all of my teaching and work is to help people remember who they are on a deep level. In an intuitive session, I help you to heal yourself and to remember who you are through a combination of meditation, visualizations, education, and moving and transmuting energy using reiki and other kinds of energy work. Every session is unique and created specifically for you. An intuitive session may benefit you if you are looking to:

-Understand or change ancestral or personal patterns

-Connect with and heal neglected or hurting parts of yourself

-Connect with the energy of loved ones

-Resolve physical blocks or painful sensations in the body

-Develop a personal yoga or meditation practice

Intuitive sessions are paid for via a monetary donation of your choice based on your budget (recommended donation of $20-$100 for an hour-long session) or an energetic exchange/barter of equivalent value (this is flexible, feel free to email me at for more information).

Sessions are typically held on Wednesday nights, Thursday nights, and Sunday afternoons, but other days and times are available upon request. Go to to schedule. Long-distance sessions are also available.

Sessions are in the Pain Free Acupuncture building at 1345 E 3900 S Unit 216 in Salt Lake City, Utah.